Projects in progress

Economic Observatory of FAEVyT Travel Agencies (OEA.TUR)

We are currently assisting the Argentine Federation of Travel and Tourism Agents Association (FAEVyT) in the design and implementation of the OEA.TUR, a permanent system that monitors the sectoral information to contribute to better business decision-making for travel agencies all over the country, and that helps the appropriate authorities diagnose and formulate policies for the segment.
Date: currently Customer: Argentine Association of Travel and Tourist Agents (AAAVyT) Location: Argentina

El Impenetrable’s Master Plan

We assist the Government of Chaco, the Impenetrable Execution Unit and the Provincial Tourism Institute in the design and implementation of the Impenetrable Master Plan. Promoting a process of increasing social inclusion and employment generation through the planned development of tourism as an economic and social, participative and respectful of the environment, the Master Plan aims to improve the quality of life of local residents in the area of ​​El Impenetrable .
Date: Actualidad Client: Gobierno de Chaco, Instituto de Turismo del Chaco y Unidad Ejecutora El Impenetrable Location: El Impenetrable, Chaco. Argentina